Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kicking it Off - Indebted.

I created this blog because I forget things. Becky will agree, I am always forgetting stuff, but only short term. So I figure if I write about it I'll be less likely to forget. Now that that's out of the way, here goes the first entry.

An interesting concept was brought to my attention this week. If you owe someone money, you have instant leverage. Think about it, you've got their attention, they'll listen to your every word as long as you're holding what they want, even though you already owe them. In fact, someone who never responds to you when you try to get in contact with will actually contact you, then you can say what you want! I just think it's an interesting concept - not saying anyone should use the leverage often, but if the opportunity presents itself, what a great tool.


Camp Couch said...

Do I owe you money?

Welcome to the world of blogging. Like I say, "I am not into gossip, I just blog a lot."

Spammer Joey said...

Thanks! Nah, I don't think you owe anything. If you did you'd have some leverage

Mike said...

That's how Donald Trump got filthy rich. If you default on a $1,000 loan, the bank will be all over you. If you are going to default on a $1,000,000,000 loan, they will do anything to make sure your business makes it.